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Christmas Light Decorators
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Our estimates always include installation, maintenance and removal at the end of the season or whenever you request and we store your items from year to year. We have many customers who do not have budgets to purchase decor or room to store and maintain them and because of this we offer many options others can’t. We have a large inventory of lighting products as well as decor items that can be leased or purchased depending on your needs.

Once we begin a project we start by wrapping trees and installing light line on buildings in the fall and come back out at your requested date before the holidays to plug in the lights, install timers and add any decor items such as props, artificial trees, banners, garland, wreaths, etc.

***After October 1st we no longer have room in our schedules for new residential jobs. We will only take on new commercial jobs at this point in our season.***

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