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Let Christmas Light Decorators

create a spectacular holiday display with professionally installed Christmas lights and decorations on your commercial property. Your lighting will draw attention (which helps bring in new customers) all season long. Customers appreciate it when a cities, business, shopping centers and hospitals dress up their properties with Holiday Decorations to add to the holiday spirit. Our commercial holiday lighting program will take care of your holiday decorating needs from start to finish.

  • We customize the design to fit your property
  • We supply the lights and decorations
  • Our experienced crew guarantees professional, timely installation
  • We include free maintenance during the holiday season
  • We remove & can store the lighting and décor at the end of the season
  • Year round services available for weddings and other events.
  • With over 20 years of experience, our service and expertise is unsurpassed
  • We are Insured

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Many companies want to get into the spirit of the holidays and "go green" with their holiday light displays. We can help! We are the largest supplier of LED Christmas lights in Arizona. LED Christmas lights consume 90% less energy than traditional Christmas lights so they are a great option for shopping centers or cities who are looking to use as little energy as possible with their holiday displays. We work to provide quality LED Christmas Lights to our customers so they can have the best look at the best price.

LED Technology

Warm White LED Lights used to light up palm trees in Mesa, Arizona


Although we at Christmas Light Decorators originally started out doing only Christmas lights, today we are the Arizona and the Southwest's full service decorating leaders, offering a wide variety of products and services to help you add more Christmas spirit to your lighting this year including:

Commercial Christmas Trees: We sell, lease and decorate live and artificial Christmas trees of all sizes from Indoor 4.5FT trees up to 50FT for artificial and we can work with you to find the right sized live tree for any project. We are also providers for Poinsettia Christmas Tree displays.

Tree Lighting: We decorate trees of all sizes and varieties from shrubs, bushes and desert plants to 100 foot high palms and pine trees. Our decorators work with you to provide you with the exact look you want.


Christmas and Seasonal Banners: Whether you need holiday banners, seasonal banners or theme banners, Christmas Light Decorators is your place to go. We can provide you any of our stock banners, or we can design a customized one to fit your needs. We provide installation and removal service and store your banners for you. All you need to do is decide what you want and when. We also have a full line of mounting and bracket poles available.  We are a year round decorating company with our own boom/lift trucks so no matter what time of year you need banners we are here to help.


Commercial Light Line: Every year we decorate over 280 commercial properties with light line and decorations in Arizona. We can provide any size bulb including the popular C-7 and C-9 traditional bulb. We can outline your roof in clear white, solid colors or multi-colored Christmas lights. Each bulb is individually clipped into place to give you a "clean, straight, evenly-spaced" look. We use a variety of attaching methods to give you the best look while still allowing for the lights to be removed when the season is over. We also offer LED bulbs to help our customers save on their power consumption as well during the holidays.

Large Christmas Light Displays and Skylines Decor: Let us help you get your holiday greetings expressed appropriately. Our Christmas Light Displays come in many styles and options, or we can custom design one to fit your needs.

Holiday Pole Decorations: If you want to have the festive look on your light  poles, consider our large variety of pole decorations. As the only Arizona distributor of Dekra-Lite and DL Imaging products we can provide you with the best commercial grade decor available at a price nobody else can match. If you cannot find an existing product to meet your needs, we can customize anything you desire. We can also install, remove and store your holiday decor for you.


LED Christmas Lights: Many companies want to "go green" with their holiday lighting displays and we are the largest supplier of LED lights in Arizona.  LED lights on average consume 90% less energy than traditional Christmas lights so they are a great option for shopping centers or cities who are looking to use as little energy as possible with their holiday displays.  We work to provide quality LED's to our customers so they can have the best look at the best price.


Supplies: Many companies want to decorate on their own. If that that describes you, we can help by providing you with all the products you need to make you the envy of others. Call or email us with your needs.


If there is something you need that is not listed above, please contact us. We have supplied Christmas decorations and supplies to literally thousands of locations. If it exists, we will find it. If it doesn't, we'll make it.



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