Building and Tree Lighting

For a property that truly catches some attention don’t forget about lighting. Whether it is lighting your entrance trees, outlining buildings or overhead swag lighting, nothing will create as visual of an impact as lighting will. As Christmas lights continue to evolve you now have many choices when it comes to lighting your property this holiday season. From animated, to LED or simply traditional we stock a huge selection of products, colors and styles to make your property stand out above the rest.

No other product has the same visual impact as animated lighting.  From dancing trees, color changing lights or snowfall tubes, there are many dramatic effects that can be created with our help from our company.

At Christmas Light Decorators we use high quality LED and incandescent mini lights to decorate trees, cacti and bushes.  There are many styles, colors and effects that can be used to create an exciting holiday display at your property.

What is the difference between LED vs. incandescent Christmas lights? The main difference is power savings. LED Christmas lights use 90% less power and produce vibrant, eye catching color.  Add to that years of maintenance free lighting and durability and you will be happy you made the switch. You might be thinking, “but I don’t like the cold coloring of LED’s”.  LED’s have evolved and the coloring is coming very close to traditional incandescent Christmas lights.

You can use our C7 or C9 Christmas lights to outline rooftops and decorate large Christmas trees.  C7 and C9 Light line comes in spacing of 12″, 15″ or 18″ between sockets.  The higher up the lighting is the more space you can have between bulbs because the eye naturally sees the distance closer together.  If you are decorating a multi-story building or doing overhead lighting this is something to keep in mind.

For swag lighting over streets try using heavy duty light line. This light line is made with thicker wiring, sockets that are protected from the elements and are made to be used with an overhead cabling system for added support and safety for your customers.